Royalty Rates
& License Agreements

RoyaltyStat® offers subscription-based databases of royalty rates and global company financials. We include interactive transfer pricing analytics software applications.

RoyaltyStat® is the best-in-class royalty rates database.
Online since 1999.

RoyaltyStat® offers an online database of royalty rates extracted from license agreements, including interactive transfer pricing analytics.
RoyaltyStat's royalty rates database is searchable online to find comparable license agreements to determine arm's-length royalty rates for OECD compliance.
RoyaltyStat's interactive software tools enable subscribers to calculate statistical (such as interquartile) data ranges, make contractual terms adjustments, and perform regression analyses to benchmark inter-group transactions.
Started on August 17, 1996, and launched online on December 14, 1999, RoyaltyStat's curated data are trusted by government agencies, corporations, and accounting, consulting, and law firms.