Online databases to determine arm's length royalty rates
and profit indicators. Transfer pricing consulting & training.

  • About RoyaltyStat

    RoyaltyStat is the premier source of royalty rates cum license agreements in transfer pricing, asset purchase price allocation, intellectual property, and business development. We provide data and tools to determine arm's length royalty rates and profit indicators as specified in the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and United Nations Practical Manual on Transfer Pricing for Developing Countries. With more than 15 years of online experience, our high-quality, reliable data extraction helps our clients support intercompany

    transactions and achieve compliance objectives. We were first-to-market with our license agreements database, combining online transfer pricing solutions with evidentiary support documentation, and we continue to be on the forefront with unrivalled consulting and customer support expertise. Clients use our database to understand the contractual terms of a prospective or past intangible transfer, including arm's length royalty rates and other forms of payments such as upfront fees and milestones.

  • License Agreements

    License agreements are "material contracts" sourced from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and Canada's SEDAR archives. Every license agreement in RoyaltyStat contains a disclosed royalty rate. We report the highest among tiered royalty rates.

    After two years of development, we launched our proprietary royalty rates cum license agreements database online on February 2, 2000. Today, RoyaltyStat provides several regularly updated databases to support transfer pricing planning and compliance.

  • global company financials

    RoyaltyStat's online database of publicly-traded global company financials is designed to find comparables and determine arm's length profit indicators specified in the OECD Transfer Pricing

    Guidelines. The global company financials are standardized and licensed from Standard & Poor's Capital IQ Compustat.

  • global annual reports

    RoyaltyStat's online database of global company Annual Reports is designed to facilitate comparability analysis under the OECD Guidelines. Annual reports are necessary to establish comparability of accounting standards and

    functions performed because they contain detailed company descriptions, disclosure of business segments, accounting notes, and thus help make comparability analysis more defensible to audit challenges.

  • UNIDO Industrial Statistics

    The UNIDO Industrial Statistics (INDSTAT4 2013 ISIC Rev.3) database contains data from 1990 to 2010 for 135 countries. The data are arranged by the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) Revision 3 pertaining to 151 manufacturing sectors. The UNIDO database contains annual data about the Number of establishments,

    Employment, Wages and salaries, Output, Value added, and Gross investment. The industry data can be searched by Country, Industry (ISIC), and Year. The data are converted from national currency into current US Dollars, using the average period exchange rates from the IMF's International Financial Statistics, series "rf".

  • economic consulting

    RoyaltyStat provides economic consulting and expert testimony in transfer pricing and valuation. We have expertise in determining royalty rates and profit indicators in many industries, including chemicals & lubricants, computers & related devices, luxury consumer goods, machinery, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, software, and telecommunications.


Clients include tax authorities, universities, corporations, accounting, consulting and law firms.

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